A great way to deepen their knowledge in the field of radio communications technology, data collection and management of gas, water, heat and electricity.

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Interactive map of Chisinau with AMR/AMI/AMM system BALANCE.
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Interactive map


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Analytics account of power losses in distribution networks Firm DJV-COM developed algorithms for identifying the losses in distribution networks for domestic and industrial consumers. Losses in distribution networks consist of the following components …

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The power distribution industry is fast moving towards adoption of smart grid technology. It is seen as a major step towards better monitoring of electricity networks including metering infrastructure. However one innate problem remains: monitoring has no benefit without interpretation and without obtaining conclusive information from the data flow.

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Simple and reliable operation. Automatic operation D-Mesh system used automate daily reads with hourly data and data export to billing systems. The self-configuring and self-healing function D-Mesh network allows automatic maintenance of wireless network and reliable data transmission even in changing radio environment conditions.

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Brussels, Belgium (METERING.COM) December 19, 2011 A minimum common set of functionalities for smart metering has been put forward by the European Commission with the aim of enabling member states to identify common means of achieving cost efficiencies (and inefficiencies) in their rollout plans. The functionality set, developed jointly by the European Commission’s directorates of Energy and Information Society and Media, comprises 10 functionalities. These were determined based on comments from member states in response to an initial list of 13 functionalities based on the ERGEG Guidelines of Good Practice on Regulatory Aspects of Smart Metering for Electricity and Gas.

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Heat allocators or DJV-COM ‘BALANCE’ System What to do in view of heat in the case of vertical layout of heating systems? There are distributors of heat (heat allocators). This device attaches directly to the radiator. It introduces some empirical coefficient proportional to the heat transfer coefficient of your radiator. The instrument measures the temperature of the radiator and expects a certain number of “parrots”, proportional to those given up the radiator heat. There are versions with an additional sensor ambient air temperature.

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With implementation of automated control and metering systems AMR/AMI of energy consumption, the optimal solution is the deployment of a stationary system “BALANCE”. System “BALANCE” includes tools of automatic data collection from the primary metering equipment and data transmission to data processing system for archiving and future reference. For energy sales organizations are very important, along with commercial information of the energy consumption, get real-time reports for emergency situations on objects and their location leaks, damage meters, illegal connections…

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Gas prices in the U.S. fell to a minimum since 2002. The greatest decrease occurred in the past few years, which coincided with the development of gas production from shale rock in America. According to The Financial Times, in January 2012 gas prices decreased compared to the middle of 2008 to 50 percent, as compared to the fourth quarter of 2011 – 10 percent…